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Repair And Restore Your Fuel & Gas Dispenser Islands Foundations… No More Annual Or Semi-annual Painting Of Your Stores Gas Dispenser Islands And Components!

Designed Specifically For The Convenience Store, Gas And Petroleum Industries…

The PowerBlast gas island coating system delivers 21st-century resurfacing technology for a fraction of the cost of replacing an island and without the downtime usually associated with repairing, rebuilding, painting, coating your service stations, or c-stores gas pump islands concrete and metal foundations.

Damaged Foundation

A Good Image Brings in More Customers and Increases Profits

A good image is a very important part of your station’s retail landscape. A poor image is directly reflected in lower profits; conversely, a well-maintained image reflects higher profits. We will repair, refurbish and restore your gas dispenser islands, posts, curbs, bollards, columns, data huts, and gas canopies to look as good as new, making sure your customers always choose you over the competition.

Repair, Restore, Replace, Protect, Preserve, and Transform Your C-Store & Service Stations Gas Islands and Gas Canopy’s

  • Gas Dispenser Islands Restored  Coated
  • Gas Canopy Columns Replacement & Repair
  • Gas Canopy Tops Repairs & Replacement
  • Gas Canopy Fascia Replacement
  • Gas Canopy Collector Boxes Replacement
  • Gas Canopy Gutters Replacement
  • Gas Canopy Branding
  • Building Roof Repair
  • Buildings – Data Huts Coated and or Repaired
  • Curbs Repaired and Coated

Guaranteed To Provide Protection From

  • Weather, Water, Salt, Ozone
  • Cement Cracking, Staining & Eroding
  • Metal Rusting & Corroding
  • Gas, Oil, Solvents & Chemicals
  • Mold, Mildew & Fungus
  • Regular Wear & Tear


Military Grade – Petroleum Tough Gas Pump Island Restoration and Protection

The PowerBlast PolyGuard Thermoplastic process is more than paint, sealant, or coating.  It’s a unique integrative system that begins with repairing or replacing the gas islands deteriorating metal and crumbling concrete; once we are finished with the refurbishing and restoration we apply the PolyGuard Thermoplastic at 2000 lbs per sq inch, and at 180 degrees, forming a monolithic protective skid-resistant seal, approximately 1/8-1/4′ thick in the strike zone.

The Best Gas Pump Island Restoration and Coating Protection System Available to the Industry

Don’t spend a fortune replacing your faded, chipped,  rusted, cracked, deteriorating gas and fuel islands! The PowerBlast PolyGuard Thermoplastic Repair, Refurbishing, Restoration, and Coating System is your most practical and inexpensive long-term solution!