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PowerBlast LLC  is a national company. We are not a combination of individual companies or a broker utilizing subcontractors.  We are a privately held company that has been refurbishing gas and fuel islands for more than 10 years, as well as rebuilding and refurbishing gas station canopies for c-stores, and gas station locations in every city and state throughout the United States for more than 30 years.

President: (Brian Hayes)

Vice President:   260-349-8435 (Sue Ellen Meisheri)  Sales and Project Management.

Administrative Manager: Tel: 260-668-9603 (Tina Tackett) Scheduling and Billing.

PowerBlast’s PolyGuard Thermoplastic is tough like steel and flexible like rubber and is at the same time attractive, functional, environmentally friendly, and easy on the budget.

Call Sue Ellen at  260-349-8435, and we will send you an actual sample of PowerBlast, so you can bend it, flex it, and abuse it.

Please fill out the form below, and we will respond back to you shortly.