Stop Canopy Leaks Now!

SealTight Prevents & Stops Canopy Leaks

No matter what part of the country you come from canopy rusting and leaking is a common issue. Replacing your gas pump island canopy can cost you upwards of $50,000.00, so preventing canopy deterioration should rate high on your maintenance list.  Even if your canopy is not leaking it’s important to have it inspected as the weather and other elements can cause damage resulting disrepair and future leaks.

The SealTight Canopy Stop Leak System

The SealTight System consist of 24 parts, begining with the inspection and culminating in the application of our propritary mastic welding process, specifically designed to stop leaks on  galvanized metal & aluminum canopies.

12 Point Inspection System

  1. Columns for structural integrity
  2. Deck pans
  3. All structural bolts & deck clips
  4. Assess Electrolysis
  5. All sag and lateral angles
  6. Rigger system
  7. Fascia system
  8. Collector boxes
  9. External down spouts
  10. Levelness of canopy
  11. Canopy light penetration points
  12. All conduit penetration points

Scope of Work We Will Perform

  • Remove debris from top of canopy
  • Open access to all joints
  • Remove caulk at joint surfaces and clean
  • Clean caulk from light penetrations into canopy
  • Remove caulk at column collector areas
  • Clean and seal columns above canopy
  • Open access to collector boxes
  • Remove dirt, rust, and debris from collector boxes
  • Inspect collector boxes for integrity
  • Install primer at joint surfaces
  • Install primer to light penetrations
  • Install SealTight System to all joints, collector boxes, and canopy penetrations