A Gas Station Canopy, Column Repair, Restoration, Rebuild Project Management Company

What We Do And Who We Are

Today, we manage the restoration, rebuilding, remodeling, and repair of gas station canopies throughout the country, meaning a vetted company representing PowerBlastUSA that is working for our customers is always near you.

We manage the repair, refurbish, restore, reimage, rebrand, paint, and maintain gas station canopies and columns for most of the major petroleum, big box, and convenience stores throughout the Lower 48.

We understand that business interference and downtime cost you money; in certain instances, when required, we will even work overnight at stations that are not open 24hrs and cannot have any business interference.

We are your one-stop shop for all your gas station canopy needs. Whether you’re just starting and need to reimage the canopy, its facia, columns, and gas dispensers, or you need to repair or replace the deck pans, facia, gutters, and collector boxes or do routine maintenance on your canopy, we can help you.

Call either our east coast, midwest number 260.336.1048 or our west coast rocky mountain number 480.438.4839. We will make sure you will like-new canopy at the lowest costs possible in a few days.

Re-Decking Your Gas Station Canopy Will Save You Time And Money

A Better Than new Canopy

For older gas station canopies and columns that leak, are made of rusting metal, and require constant repairs but cannot be closed in the meantime because of costs new canoy costs and lost revenue due to downtime, we offer a less expensive alternative solution.

Re-decking and possibly reinforcing your columns is a cheaper, quicker alternative to replacing the entire gas canopy.

We will on-site manage the job, starting with coordinating new material procurement and removing all old damaged signage, facia, panels, gutters, leads, collector boxes, column wraps, and any other old, damaged, or rusted materials from your canopy’s frame and columns. As part of bringing your canopy up to new standards, and before the new deck pans and accouterments are put on, we install new deck clips, tighten or replace all bolts, and recoat the structural steel.

When your materials arrive, and our crews are on sight, we’ll be the ones to represent yours and our interest, having managed every aspect of the project from engineering, permitting, and materials ordering to final sign-off by you. It typically takes only a few days up to a week to install the new canopy exterior onto the existing steel frame/structure, including decking, light electrical, gutters, downspouts, collector boxes, column wraps, fascia, and signage.

For older gas station canopies and columns that leak, are made of rusting metal, and require constant repairs but cannot be closed in the meantime because of costly up-front costs and lost revenue due to permitting issues/downtime, we offer a less expensive alternative solution.

Contact Sue Ellen at (480) 438.4839 or (260)336.1048 and we’ll get you back in business with a like-new canopy at the lowest costs possible in a few days with a beautiful canopy, you, your customers and community will appreciate.

Gas Station Canopy Restoration And Repair Will Increase In Store And Gas Sales

Compete With The Super Stations

In today’s competitive business environment you cannot afford to have your gas pumps closed because of a damaged or unsafe canopy. Whether you canopy is suffering from old age or is failing because of weather or vehicle damage we can fix it, make it safe and have it looking like brand new in just a few days. All without interfering with your customers or causing you any downtime.

Gas Station Canopy Repair Services

    • Replace or Repair Canopy Deck Pan
    • Fascia Canopy Replacement
    • Install Deck Clips
    • Rusted Column Repair
    • Canopy Column Sleeves
    • Canopy Rust Repair
    • SealTight All Canopy Leaks
    • Canopy Gutter Repair/Replacement
    • Collector Box Repair/Replacement
    • Canopy Conduit Electrical Repair
    • Install & Seal Canopy LED’s
    • Gas Station Canopy Repainting
    • Preventative Canopy Maintenance
    • Gas Station Canopy Extensions
    • Gas Station Canopy Construction
    • Full Gas Station Canopy Rebranding & Imaging

Canopy Replacement Panel Specifications

Panel are 3″ tall panel that can be run with a 16″ or a 12″ wide face.

Panel Lengths from 4′ – 65’

Available in pre-painted galvanized, galvalume, or aluminum

Steel minimum yield strength is 40 or 50 ksi – ASTM A653 structural quality – GRADE 40 or 50

High-durability polyester paint system with a 20-year limited warranty

Smooth and stucco embossed finishes are available on most colors

Florida product approval – Miami-Dade County approved (NOA No. 21-0617.06)*

Purchase and use only first-quality, primarily American-made steel.

Stocked in 20G, 22G and 24G steel plus .040 aluminum