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Your Gas Station Canopy Repair Restoration Company 

For more than 35 years The Powerblast management team has been serving the petroleum and convenience store industries  Today, we build and repair canopies throughout the country which means A Powerblast crew is always near you. We repair, refurbish, restore, rebrand, paint and maintain gas station canopies for most of the major petroleum and convenience stores throughout the USA.  We are your one-stop shop for all your gas station canopy needs. Whether you’re just starting out and need a new canopy or you need to repair gutter or do or just do routine maintenance on your current canopy, we can help you.

Gas Station Canopy Repair and Restoration

In today’s competitive business environment you cannot afford to have your gas pumps closed because of a damaged or unsafe canopy. Whether you canopy is suffering from old age or is failing because of weather or vehicle damage we can fix it, make it safe and have it looking like brand new in just a few days. All without interfering with your customers or causing you any downtime.

Gas Station Canopy Repair Services

    • Replace or Repair Canopy Deck Pan
    • Fascia Canopy Replacement
    • Install Deck Clips
    • Rusted Column Repair
    • Canopy Column Sleeves
    • Canopy Rust Repair
    • SealTight All Canopy Leaks
    • Canopy Gutter Repair/Replacement
    • Collector Box Repair/Replacement
    • Canopy Conduit Electrical Repair
    • Install & Seal Canopy LED’s
    • Gas Station Canopy Repainting
    • Preventative Canopy Maintenance
    • Gas Station Canopy Extensions
    • Gas Station Canopy Construction
    • Full Gas Station Canopy Rebranding